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Civil Service Commission

Committee Members:
Stephen Korhn, Esq., Chairman
Leonard Myers, Member
Norm Walker, Member
Ann Scribner, Clerk

The Civil Service Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 5:15 p.m. at 631 Perry Street, Defiance, Ohio.

Rules of the Municipal Civil Service Commission



Public Notice

The City of Defiance Civil Service Commission held a Public Hearing on October 19, 2015 at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall, 631 Perry Street to adopt a definition of an “Intern Employee”, Rule 10 – (New) Item 20-A; and that definition of a “Temporary Employee”, existing Rule 10-Item 34 be amended to include intern employees within the class of Temporary Employees.  Copies of the proposed changes are noted below.  The Civil Service Commission approved the proposed changes which will become effective thirty days from their publication date of October 23, 2015.  


Changes Are:

Rule 10.00

Definition of Terms


New Definition

20.A      “Intern.” A temporary employee in the unclassified service who is enrolled in an accredited University, College, Community College, High School or Vocational School or is enrolled in an occupational training or re-training program licensed or financially supported by the United States, the State of Ohio or a political subdivision of the State of Ohio and is appointed to a position that is related to the individual’s field of study for the purpose of developing job skills.


In addition, Rule 10.00 Definition of Terms, item 35 shall be modified to read as follows (new wording underlined):


“Temporary Employee.”  An employee in the unclassified service who is appointed for a specified period, for a special project, as an intern or one who is replacing a permanent employee on leave.”



Questions can be directed to the Civil Service Clerk, Ann Scribner at 419-783-4348.